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The world as it has grown, it has always let its inhabitants have a leap of growth, of progressiveness, a space for innovation and thus, a survival of the most popular and perfect. It was no different with the expansion of the digitalism. With the start of the digital era triggered by the advent of computers along with other devices that used digitalism as its core, the digital age was founded with the strongest ever foundation, flourishing till now in the 21st century. This digital age, as we all will be of the same opinion, is progressing and with it is progressing the society. We are living now in a society which is getting transformed with the blink of an eye. In every seconds there are changes and they are implemented then and there. We can visit anything and everything from being anywhere. We can know nearly all without any hassle at our fingertips. Computers and laptops are our best friends now and through them, we can achieve nearly anything but just like any one of us, even our digital buddies need attention or support from us via the processes that we use.With the advent of the internet, we are all-informative and omnipresent, atleast in our virtual world.Google has really created a platform through which we can be assured utmost prosperity. Microsoft, in the world of the Internet, is a word that we come across all the time, in each second that we are online. Microsoft is the largest technological corporation built by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It’s products range from computers to various electronic products with regards to computers, software: Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Defender and Microsoft Windows. Microsoft started its journey when it started to develop Microsoft Windows is concerned. We will ensure the quality to be delivered at your home, you just keep yourselves connected to us.

Windows Support Common Problem and Solution

Windows Start Menu Not Working :

Microsoft Windows 10 is an Operating System dedicated for our computers/laptops even for our smartphones powered by Microsoft. It is the last of the updates from the house of our very own, very known Microsoft Windows. Being the latest update, it surely stands up to its expectations for it is really interactive, efficient and extremely user-friendly. The Windows 10 has been launched only recently towards the end of 2017 and since it was officially launched, it has become a smashing hit in the field of Information Technology. However, we all know now that every other gadgets, software or hardware which you can name, cannot be 100% functioning and completely error free moreover they cannot also be friends with all of their users at the same time, if that happened to be the case, then we won't at all be needing the various support for our aid. Windows 10 also, being a software, albeit from a quality house sometimes fall into certain loopholes and thus, needs attention. Here, we will be solving the issue of Windows 10 Start Menu when it doesn't work, if your query is with something else, you can check in Microsoft Windows Support.

All of us are well aware of Microsoft Windows now. To speak of our awareness would rather be a blatant lie in this era of digitalism. We can easily say that most of us are extremely friendly with Microsoft Windows for most of us possesses our own copies of Microsoft Windows to fuel our computers/laptops even our smartphones, after Microsoft came up with their own smartphones along with its mobile versions of the actual Operating Systems for the larger computers. Microsoft Windows is crafted with a world of innovation along with sheer perfection to deliver us an experience memorable. Microsoft Windows, also, just like any other software requires regular aids, which can be termed as updates, fixes or in specific cases, troubleshooting. Among the most common of the errors faced by its users we picked up the issue when the Windows 10 Start Menu gets in an error in which it denies to work. Start Menu is the all-in-all of Windows in the way it is optimised for the users' delight and most notably in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the Start Menu is the most essential component that you can be around in the whole of your Graphical User Interface. Hence, it is a real trouble when you are stuck with it. Never worry though, as your own Windows 10 Support Number is here. In this article we looked into the problem and the solution lies below.

You might have some of your files gone corrupt: The task manager is to be launched : By pressing the [Ctrl] , [Alt] and [Del] buttons at the same time and holding all three down, you cna easily reach your Task Manager. You have to run a new Task in it : After you have got to the "Task Manager", you just have to click on "More Details" which will expand it and then choose "Run New Task" from the menu named "File" . As soon as you are on a "New Task", you will see a dialogue box with a search box in it, where you have to type "powershell" in and make sure that you tick the box saying "Create this task with administrative privileges" followed by a left click on "OK". Navigating in The System File Checker : When you reach the powershell type sfc/scannow in the window followed by "Enter". The shell after its own work will return with "Windows did not find any integrity violations" / "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them" which shall mean that there aren't any corrupt files at the present moment but if you are unlucky you might also detect "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some "or all" of them, but just gather up courage and type or copy and paste "DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth" and then press "Enter". This will hep your files to be set all right by downloading some of the files from Windows Update which will in turn replace the worn out ones. You can reinstall all of your Apps for Windows: You just have to launch the Task Manager and open the earlier Powershell window that you were in with administrative privileges in it. Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} is the line which you can either type in from your keyboard or paste it down after    copying it in the window of your powershell by right-clicking on the blinking PS   C:\WINDOWS\system32>  A new user account can also be created: Go to the Task Manager : Once you get to the Task Manager select "Run New Task" from the menu titled "File". The task should be created with administrative priveleges as earlier checking the relevant box and the you need to type "net user NewUsername NewPassword/add in the seen box. Keep in mind to replace the NewUsername and the NewPassword with your desired username and password, which shall not have any spaces in it and the cases are sensitive here. Log in to the new user as it is created: Restart your computer or laptop and chooser the new user where you can find your Start Menu working fine. Try refreshing your computer/laptop: Going into the troubleshooting mode: Press the button with the "Windows symbol" along with "L" or just try restarting your Windows by choosing the "Restart" option.  When you get the blue screen with the letters "Choose and Option" click on "Troubleshoot" and then "Reset this Pc" and then click on the option stating "Keep My Files" and follow the instructions on the screen. Run the Windows Update:  You can opt for the Windows Update which it has launched officially in April 2018 . For this, you have to go to "Settings" of your PC and then to "Update and Security". Click the self-said option "Check for Updates" here. You shall successfully be out of your problem now. The Spring Creators update is due really soon, so don't miss it. For all the latest updates' information and the solutions that you want, you can always connect to Windows 10 Support number.

Windows 10 installation got stuck :

Windows 10 is the new update from Microsoft and many users have already installed it on their system. Those who are not yet installed it, or having the problem while installing the operating system, or the installation is getting stuck at the time of installation. Windowssupport will provide you the solution to get rid of that.Windows 10 update from Microsoft is from quite a few times, but there are many people who are still using the same old Windows XP or Windows 7. For those who are still using the old Windows versions, they have to get updated and now have to install the new version of Windows that is called Windows 10. There are lots of people who do not know the process of installing the operating system in their system, so we are here to resolve their issues and Windowssupport will help them to install the new Windows version. There are many steps of installing the said operating system and some people could have problems installing it like the Windows got stuck or the update stops while installing. There could be a lot of problems while installing the operating system and those who do not know the technical features can solve the problem by following the below given steps.The steps to install the new Windows 10 are given below by which a user can install it on his or her system.If you are upgrading the Windows for the first time and having the problem while installing it, pleasefree to follow the below steps.

1. Disable all the antivirus which are installed in the system, (all the antivirus even including Microsoft’s own defender)

2. Disconnect all the USB devices which are connected to the system and all the USB device drivers andsoftware. They will interrupt the installation.

3. Disconnect all the internet connections, connected to the system.• Error code 0x80079712 or 0x800F00931. Open the control panel Go to the clock option
4. Select the language option and then after region option which is given in the language field.

5. Choose the administration tab and then select the option called change system

6. After doing the changes in the control panel which option are above, restart the computer.The main thing is that the storage of the computer is available for the installation. If the computer runs out of storage then the installation will hamper because the installation self-required some spaces.The next step is to update all the drivers installed on the computer. To do this, the users have to go to the device manager option and there have to update the drivers which are pre-installed.The users have to repair the hard drive errors by going into the command prompt and then they have to type chdsk/f c: Now press the enter key and the errors in the hard drive will repair itself.These are the process of removing the errors while installing the Windows 10 if the installation of the Windows 10 got stuck. For further help Windows support number is always available and just a click away.

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